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US Supplies, Inc. – Products

Below is a sampling of our currently offered and produced products.  If you need something and you do not see it, just reach out and ask!

180° Opening Utility Access Door

Access Doors with Safety Grating

Aircraft Loading Trough Frames & Grates w/Drains

Aluminum Access Door

Aluminum Access Door (Annodized)

Aluminum Baffles

BPS Aluminum Hatches

FDOT Frames

FDOT Traffic Grating

Galvanized H-20 Traffic Frames

Guide Rail Brackets

Manatee Grate

Mini Manhole Adjusting Rings

Mitered End Section Galvanized Bar Grating

Pole Anchors

Retro Fit BPS Hatch

Retro Fit “Fat Boy” Baffle

Retro Fit Control Structure Baffles/Weirs

Retro Fit Replacement Galvanized FDOT Traffic Grating

Special Aluminum Pipe Support Brackets

Special Corner Mounting Baffles

Speciality Covers

Speciality Grating

Specialty Large Grating Designs

Stainless Steel Pipe Support Bracket

Stainless Steel Tower Covers

Steel Grating

Wood Duck Nesting Stands


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